25 cents New York (2001)

25 cents new York (2001)

The coin’s reverse depicts on the left the Statue of Liberty on the background of the relief map of the state of new York, which marked the Hudson river and the Erie canal (the path along which ships brought emigrants from distant countries). In the right part of the coin minted by the inscription in three lines “GATEWAY TO FREEDOM” (Gate to freedom). The circumference of the edging represented by eleven stars signifying that new York became the eleventh state to join the Union. In the upper part of the coin an inscription: “NEW YORK” (new York), slightly below the year 1788, at the bottom the year of issue – 2001, below the inscription: “E PLURIBUS UNUM” (from many, one).

New York is the largest among the North-Eastern US States, called mid-Atlantic. Located on the border with Canada, the South-Eastern part of the Atlantic. Here are some of the main American symbols: the largest metropolis of new York and the Statue of Liberty is a huge monument from which millions of emigrants crossing the ocean, began America.

The name new York was given in the XVII century by the British in honor of the British Duke of York. Historical nickname “the Empire state” has arisen in connection with the quotation from George Washington: “new York will become the basis of our Empire.” Today, the state ranks third in population, of which 85% are urban dwellers and 60 percent live in new York city. The capital city is Albany.

The state long has been a leader in the US economy. Today he is on the first positions in the field of telecommunications, securities trading, banking. Are also electrical, aerospace, opto-mechanical, printing, sewing industry.

In the geography dominated by mountainous terrain of the ridges of the Appalachians. The landscape is rich with mixed forests and reservoirs, including the Hudson river, ne. Lawrence river, lakes Ontario and Erie, the finger lakes, the famous Niagara falls.

A state with a predominantly urban population has many places for outdoor recreation. It Eleganckich ecological parks and the Catskill mountains, ski centers, lake placid, hunter mountain, the place of sport fishing the Adirondacks, beaches, the famous resort of Saratoga springs. But the main stream of tourists heading in a multicultural “world capital” new York is a city of skyscrapers, museums, shops, art galleries, concert halls and a rich history.

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